Trunk Show

FRCQ members volunteered 12 x 12 inch art pieces to create a traveling collection or Trunk Show. These fiber pieces are used as an outreach program to both introduce textile art to various groups on the Front Range as well as promote the work of FRCQ. Textile art has become a recognized and valued art form. This traveling Trunk Show provides a visual display of textile art to existing and upcoming artists, students, traditional quilters, and the retired community.

Please contact the Board to reserve and check out the trunk show for your group. Photos courtesy of Rhonda Denney.

AllPanels-FRCQTrunkQuilts-WCQFAShow-FCACanonCity-Oct2015-300dpiSidePanel1-FRCQTrunkQuilts-WCQFAShow-FCACanonCity-Oct2015-300dpi  MiddlePanels-FRCQTrunkQuilts-WCQFAShow-FCACanonCity-Oct2015-300dpiSidePanel2-FRCQTrunkQuilts-WCQFAShow-FCACanonCity-Oct2015-300dpi