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The following companies and individuals are resources used by some FRCQ members. While they are listed here as a starting point for artists, the board does not endorse them per se. Each artist should research the company and decide for themselves whom they do business with.


Ken Sanville, Louisville, 303-666-7475

Wes Magyar 303-667-3351

For Dyes, chemicals and supplies:

Prochemical Company –

Dharma Trading Company –

Grateful Dyes Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp 5682 S Cedar St Littleton, CO 80120 (303) 763-9730


Dental Vista –


Dick Blick –

Xenon Products – 1-800-651-5150 – will make screens to your size and seal them

Squeegees – Hyde 45807 Smooth Tool White Plastic – 8”

T-pin 1″ size:

Calls for Entry: