FRCQ Purpose

Quilting has evolved through time from craft to art, and the Front Range Contemporary Quilters (FRCQ) support those who express themselves by using contemporary images and techniques. FRCQ provides a world-class learning environment for all levels of art quilt makers by bringing in high-quality teachers from around the world to give workshops and lectures.

FRCQ emphasizes art quilts. Although the original work by our members may be cutting-edge and sometimes experimental, it is always uniquely expressive and is fabricated using a personal a creative process.

FRCQ meetings are an opportunity to network with and learn from others in the fiber art field. Enthusiastic, inspiring speakers generously share their technical knowledge, stories of the artistic process, and images of their work during these bi-monthly general meetings. They are an exciting place to stoke the creative fires.

FRCQ plans and coordinates juried exhibitions in which members participate both as working volunteers and exhibiting artists. The venues are high-caliber and professionally promoted. They provide our members the opportunity to exhibit their work while educating the public. These regular exhibition opportunities along with the show-and-tell segment at meetings are a great motivation for members to keep producing.

In addition, FRCQ produces Bits and Pieces, a monthly newsletter with information on exhibits, show opportunities, book reviews, plus articles on creativity and marketing. FRCQ also sponsors mini-sessions (one-day technique workshops), the Inside FRCQ group, and volunteer opportunities. Most of all, FRCQ is a place to meet fellow quilt artists and to have fun!

Our bylaws are printed in our yearly roster and online below.

FRCQ Bylaws