Eileen King

FRCQ Demo – July 17, 2017

by Eileen King


  • Six-inch by 6-inch by 1-1/2 inch canvas box (comes 4 to a package at Hobby Lobby)
  • 11-1/2 inch fabric square
  • 11-inch square Pellon ShirTailor fusible interfacing
  • 11-inch square cardboard w/6-inch cutout in the middle
  • 6-inch square piece of batting
  • 6-inch square piece of muslin or other fabric
  • 1-inch by 11-inch strips of fusible interfacing (4 per box)
  • Matching or contrasting thread for quilting
  • Embellishments (cords, beads, trims, jewelry pieces, etc.)
  • Heavy duty stapler and hammer


  1. Iron interfacing with stream iron to back of fabric
  2. Cut to exact 11-inch square
  3. Place batting and muslin onto underside of interfaced fabric exactly in the middle (hint: score underside of fabric 2-1/2 inches in from each edge)
  4. Pin or baste in place
  5. Quilt top of the centered square if desired
  6. Place cutout cardboard on top of the right side of fabric to compose your design
  7. Add embellishments to top of centered square
  8. Finish outer edges by steam-ironing 1-inch strips of interfacing over each edge
  9. Place embellished square face down. Place top of canvas box directly on top of inner square (hint: measure in from each edge 2-1/2 inches to be sure it is centered)
  10. Fold opposite sides of fabric over canvas edge and secure with three heavy duty staples
  11. Fold the other two opposite sides of fabric like you would a package and secure with three heavy duty staples
  12. Pound all staples with hammer to be sure all edges are secured

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