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FRCQ presents national artist workshops. Registration is open to FRCQ members. Workshops are held in several locations across the Colorado Front Range area. FRCQ is hosting the following workshops in 2009. For more information about how to register for our workshops, please contact our Workshops team.

Quilt Collage Inspired by a Favorite Artist

Jean Herman
FRCQ New Skills Workshop – Nov. 14 – 15, 2014

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About Jean
Jean is a fiber, mixed media artist from Denver, Colorado.  She has been working and refining this technique in her art quilts over the past five years.  Jean has had several one woman shows and has shown her work  at Visions Museum, where her piece ‘Katherine a la Picasso” won “The 2014 Brakensiek Caught Our Eye Award” and her piece “Krishna Brings the Rain took 2nd place at The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum Evolutions 2012 Show.  She has created several series using this collage technique as a medium of choice. You can look at her work on her web site

About this Workshop:
Day One: Bring a photo or art book with pictures from an artist you love. Learn to interpret an artist’s style through line, shape, color and composition choices. Then free yourself from patterns, Misty Fuse, Steam a Steam, and Wonder Under; just create work in cloth freely and see how your design and ideas flow in a new way.  Learn how to use large blocks of fabric to create your composition using a design board and pins.  Once a composition is blocked in you will use gel medium and small pieces of various fabrics to create your new collage piece.  

Day two:  Bring your sewing machine and finish your piece.  You will learn how choosing the best stitching motif will enhance your finished piece. The teacher will provide gel medium, cheap scissors, brushes, fabric paint, boxes of scrapes and other fabrics to share.

Save the Date!

April 17-19, 2015 – details to come soon!

Paint, Stitch, Create Quilts

September 18-20, 2015
Deborah Fell

deborah-fell-image-1Using pads of canvas paper, students will create small art quilts that can work in a series.  Emphasis will be on using design elements to make each piece relate to the other.  Students will first paint a wash on the canvas, choose multi-media elements which will connect each piece visually, add stitching and then finish the piece either by framing or quilting. 

Students will have the opportunity to create anywhere from 4-10 pieces depending on how fast they work and how long the workshop session is.

  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Sewing Machine Optional
  • Students responsible for supply list

Stalking The Wild Prints

April 15-17, 2016
Wen Redmond

wen-redmondPlein air printing? Why not! Take a walk and get your materials for free! Not only can you gather found natural items to print but you can clear you head and get inspired too. On walks, I’ll look at a piece of broken stones, leaves and ferns, branches and wonder “can I print with that?”

One of my mantras, recently, is “to just try it”!

As seen in Redmond’s article in Quilting Arts Magazine Dec/Jan 2011


Dorothy Caldwell

September 15-18, 2016

Details coming soon!