April 20-21, 2024

“Soy Wax Batik Layering” Workshop with Susan Brooks.

Soy Wax Batik Layering

Susan Brooks
April 20 and 21, 2024, 9:00am to 4:00pm
Date/Time: April 20-21, 2024, 9:00am to 4:00pm
Price: $250, ($10.00 Supply fee directly to Susan Brooks)
Location: Boy Scouts of America, 10455 W 6th Ave #100, Lakewood, CO 80215
Registration: Open now, PayPal link can be found below.
We will put down both soy wax, flour resists, apply textures, using thicken dyes and a plethora of other marking tools to embellish your design. Layer by layer we will create whole cloth fabrics.


About Susan:

Creating art using fabrics and papers provides the opportunity to build layers giving a sense of protection, safety and security. I create my own fabrics through dyeing, botanical printing, resists and painting and then am able to add dimension and detail through the use of stitches. I have focused on the elements in plants to imprint the images of leaves and flowers to create another layer of delicate beauty and interest. Differing techniques are used to express differing emotions.  Deconstructed silk printing is used for a very organic look. The use of painting thicken dyes on plastic has been used for my women monoprints. The morphing of the dyes give a feel of surrealism.  Botanical dyeing, plant based dyes and prints, introduce the beauty of nature into my work. The love of the stitching, connecting threads, to hold the pieces together.The tactile feel and visual beauty of fabric has been a motivation to creativity. As a child, I was fascinated by the possibility of transforming a flat piece of cloth into a uniquely crafted article of clothing. After a journey of making dolls, garments and quilts, I am now driven to experiment with new techniques in dyeing, painting and embellishing fabric. I enjoy sharing my passion with others by teaching these techniques and broadening my own exploration in fabric art. My aspiration is to tell a story, engage the viewer in a dialogue and challenge them to a deeper emotional experience.

Susan Brooks



Morning session:
Immersion dying of several pieces of white cotton -1/4 strength
Set up table padding
Cut several stamp using tiles and craft foam pad
How to mix Alginate
Wash out fabrics by hand
Soy wax – different techniques of application – folds, paint, print, stamps, textures
Layering on dyes – freeze
Batching of fabrics
At home that night or next morning – wash out fabrics in washing machine




More batik dyeing – soy wax, – Immersion dyeing, folded edges, morphed on plastic
Discharge using toilet bowl cleaner















➢ Stamp carving kit – optional  Stamp Carving Kit link
➢ 1 package .7 mil painters plastic
➢ Fabrics to work with – including 1-2 yards of white cotton
➢ 2 shoe size plastic containers – or large cottage cheese/sour cream containers to dye in
➢ Stamps
➢ Stenciled
➢ Textures
➢ Soy wax tools if student already owns
➢ Small Paint rollers
➢ Table covering – piece of batting or felt

SUSAN WILL PROVIDE ($10.00 Supply fee directly to Susan Brooks):
➢ Tiles
➢ Craft Foam pad sheets
➢ Duct tape
➢ Rubber gloves
➢ Arginate – all chemicals to make alginate
➢ A variety of dyes in various colors
➢ Dye cups and foam brushes
➢ Bottles for mixing immersion dyes
➢ Measuring cups and spoons
➢ Paint rollers
➢ Paper plates
➢ 3 skillets with soy wax
➢ Soy wax tools
➢ My stamps/textures/sponges
➢ Synthropol
➢ Small bottles of Synthropol for students
➢ Toilet bowl cleaner
➢ Extra plastic
➢ Towels
➢ Sheets
➢ Rags
➢ T- pins
➢ Zip lock baggies

Date/Time: April 20-21, 2024, 9:00am to 4:00pm
Price: $250, ($10.00 Supply fee directly to Susan Brooks)
Location: Boy Scouts of America, 10455 W 6th Ave #100, Lakewood, CO 80215
Registration: Open now, PayPal button for registration can be found below.

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