Desserts & Demos

Our Desserts and Demos night is always one of the highlights of the year! Bring your friends to share FRCQ with them on this wonderful night!

  • Picture Perfect by Barbara Beasley: Learn how to turn your favorite photo into a work of fiber art. These easy steps will work for photos of people, pets, places, or anything else.
  • Painted Layers by Dianna VanderDoes: Learn a new way to add complexity, color and texture to the surface of your quilt using painted fusible web. This technique creates wonderful organic patterning on cloth. It is also neat to apply and easy to control. You can make your layers bold and opaque, or subtle and transparent, hard-edged and geometric, or flowing and organic. This demo will help you understand all of the variables involved in creating that effect that you want.
  • Gelatin Monoprints by Sheryll Robbins: Printing on a gelatin plate will demonstrate the process of creating monotypes (one of a kind prints). This simple plate made of unflavored gelatin and water is an amazing surface on which to apply paint and make marks. The process yields instant gratification and a bounty of detailed and textured prints. A variety of tools and techniques will be demonstrated.
  • Polymer Clay by Helen McKee: Polymer Clay is a remarkable medium.  It can be carved, textured, painted, buffed, stamped, and drilled.  It can simulate ivory, stone, glass, and other materials.  It remains flexible until it is bakjed.  Helen will show some of these possibilities.
  • Sewable Metal by Phillippa Lack: Who says you can’t sew into metal?  Phil Lack will show you first in fact that thin sheets of copper will take machine stitching very well, with no harm done to your machine!  This obliging metal can also be crimped and manipulated to add texture and shine to your fiber artworks.
  • Layered Marbling by Jo Fitsell: Learn a new approach for an ancient technique.  Marbling is the process of floating thinned paint on the surface of thickened water.  Create wonderful organic shapes on paper and fabric.