Alyson B Stanfield - Art Marketing ConsultingAlyson B Stanfield
Art Marketing Consultant

November 21, 2011

Alyson B. Stanfield, of Golden, Colorado, is an art business consultant for artists, galleries, and organizations. Her work is distinguished by extensive experience working with viewers of art, in addition to working with art and artists themselves. She founded in 2002 to help artists promote themselves and build their businesses.

Alyson began consulting with artists informally in the early 1990s in her role as a museum curator.

When she left museums, her old artist-friends approached her for help and advice. Everyone wanted an agent! A little research into that field led Alyson to conclude that she wouldn’t be doing artists any favors by doing all of the work for them.

Instead, she decided to teach artists the skills they need for a successful career. She’s so good at teaching the “correct” way to do things that her friend calls her “The Martha Stewart of the Art Business.”

Almost everything Alyson teaches artists to do, she’s doing herself for her business. Alyson was an early adopter of blogging, Facebook, and Twitter, while still stressing the “old-fashioned” import of writing handwritten notes and building personal relationships.

In a world spinning with new technologies and ideas, Alyson does her best to stay on top of marketing, business, and art world goings-on.

Alyson’s work is deeply affected by her ten years in the art museum–affected in a way that really helps her clients. She has loads of experience working with collectors as well as the general art-viewing public. That means she know how people interact with art, how they approach it, what they fear, and how we can educate them and alleviate their fears. When Alyson works with a client, she uses this knowledge to shape the presentation of their work.

Clients also benefit from Alyson’s experience working in the U.S. Senate in Washington. She says she learned from THE BEST politician around. She knows how to form and nurture authentic relationships to get results.

Alyson has a B.A. in art history from the University of Oklahoma and, following her stint in Washington, an M.A. in art history from the University of Texas at Austin.

Alyson lives in Golden, Colorado. Outside her office windows is a view of a mesa. Across the way is another view: the Rocky Mountain foothills. When she’s not behind her computer or looking at art, you can probably find Alyson hiking, digging in the dirt, or experimenting in the kitchen.