February 21, 2022 (Zoom Meeting)

Marty Ornish

About Marty:

Tattered vintage patchwork reveals layered forgotten memories. Who made this quilt? Who slept under it? – all unanswerable questions regarding the provenance of the textiles that form the foundation of my work. I feel compelled to transform the materials into the unexpected – all the while creating a new history and new timeline for the cloth. Novel story lines develop as I envision, cut, repair, stitch – creating a new narrative. This process is meditative, healing, and leads to a state of flow.

My father’s birth in 1899 (the nineteenth century) may explain my gravitation towards using vintage textiles as my source material – yet interpreting them with a modern twist. My father was 20 when women’s fashion radically changed from stifling, corseted primness to the exuberant sensuality of the roaring twenties. I’ve played with the tectonic juxtaposition of the Puritanical, Victorian, steampunk and the changing roles of women to create my interpretation of fashion. Assemblage is a newer interest of mine, using found objects and fabric of course, and I still love to create art quilts that have a social, or cultural message by using salvaged, damaged vintage fabrics and found objects. My hope is to encourage others to repurpose their clothing rather than always buy new, avoid fast fashion, and reuse vintage quilts when they are beyond repair – and to give them a second chance.  — Marty Ornish




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