Juror: Andy Stanton

Thank you to everyone who entered the virtual exhibit, New Beginnings! We had 11 entries!

I was asked to select 70% or less and to look at the 7 elements of art (line, space, color, value, and texture) as well as overall composition.

I loved the simple line and tenderness conveyed in Judy Duffield’s “Megan and Corbin 1”.

The wonderful shadows, contrasting color values, and shapes (especially of the child’s head) of “All New” by Joan Sowada really drew me in, as well as the playful moment captured in Joan’s “The Sound of Happy”. For that one, I appreciated the movement of the children and the very palpable water sprays. I liked Joan’s “Enjoying the Sun” for its simpler but equally effective setting of mood and warm-hearted portrayal of a child engrossed in an activity.

Sue Lewis’ “First Light” filled me with the calm and serenity of a walk in an aspen grove. I love how the leaves seem to twinkle against the woodlands background. I’ve selected Sue’s work as JUROR’s CHOICE.

I liked how Lisa Longacher’s “WeRGladUROurNeighbor” addressed the idea of new beginnings in a global light, depicting a more peaceful, convivial future now that there is less political (and hopefully cultural) divisiveness.

Finally, Marcie Emily’s “Spring Again!!” nicely expressed the joy of spring leaves and flowers.

Thanks again to everyone!

— Andy Stanton

Enjoy viewing “New Beginnings”, second in a series of virtual exhibits!

(Click on any image to scroll through and see the overall images)

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