Denise Labadie

October 18, 2021

Venue TBD

About Denise:

I am drawn to ancient stones, their landscapes, and their stories. My great grandmother came to the US from Ireland, and my initial visit to Ireland affirmed a deep connection with the country’s many nearly forgotten megalithic stones and structures.

It was while planning a second visit that I first saw a picture of the Piper Stones, a stone circle in Co. Wicklow, that sent shivers through me. I immediately sought them out when I returned. These stones – and later, many others, such as the Kilclooney Dolmen below – “talk to me”, and I’ve focused ever since on finding and visiting new stones (both in and beyond Ireland) and using my art to try to convey the essence of these continuing communications. I have come to similarly revere more recent monastic ruins (especially portals and passageways).

My quilts often evoke strong feelings and emotions. Several have been purchased as meditation tools, as catalysts for focusing and healing. They touch on a number of universal themes: stability, permanence and continuity, and the timeless hopes and dreams of their builders. It’s almost as if the quilts jostle some deep core of cellular memories, helping viewers remember what they already intuitively know and honor, but may have set aside or forgotten. My quilts seem to surface a range of experiential remembrances.

I grew up loving to sew, and loving to work with and hold fabric, and I turned that focus into a business as an adult. Working as a professional seamstress, though, only heightened my longing to combine my sewing “craftsmanship” with greater levels of creativity.

When I discovered and decided to pursue art quilting (early 1990’s), I had little background or formal training in art. I thus developed and followed a deliberate plan to acquire “the basics”. Before I produced my first art quilt, I took not only “how to” quilting classes, but also selected design and art classes that covered key topics that I knew I needed to better understand – drawing, painting, composition, color, perspective, shadowing, and the like.

I also sought out and joined a very supportive, insightful, multi-discipline, and mentoring artist critique group; they have had (and continue to have) a huge positive influence on both me and my art.

At the same time, I was very lucky to have an incredible local contemporary quilt guild (300 members) here in Northern Colorado, where I was both warmly welcomed – even as a relative novice and newcomer – and where I was able to meet and take additional classes from many very accomplished local and visiting art quilters.

Sunset on Inishmore (2016) 53″ wide x 73″ high




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