Portfolio 2020, the Best of 2019

Portfolio 2020: Best of 2019

Web-based Exhibit, FRCQ Website, January 31 through December 31, 2020

Portfolio 2020 – Best of 2019 is a web-based exhibit open to members of Front Range
Contemporary Quilters. The art accepted into this show will be the home page feature for
the FRCQ website that displays the best work completed by our members in 2019.
The juror’s goal will be to select the best possible group of entries that collectively
showcase the diversity of work being made in our region within the art quilt medium.

  • Entry Opens: November 20, 2019
  • Due date for entry: December 31, 2019
  • Notification of selected work: January 20, 2020
  • Exhibit Posted Online: January 31, 2020
  • Catalog available: January 31, 2020


The juror for Portfolio 2019 will be Jean Wells, author/educator/designer, proprietress of
The Stitchin’ Post in Sisters, Oregon, and founder of the annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt
Show. Jean has written more than 28 books about quilting, from Patchworthy Apparel in
1978, to her latest, Journey to Inspired Art Quilting.

In addition to operating a successful quilt shop and mail order business and overseeing an
annual quilt show for 33+ years, Jean also has designed, appeared on televised quilting
shows, and taught business and quilting workshops throughout the United States and
abroad. She has received the Michael Kile Award of Excellence for her contribution to the
quilting industry, and she received the Imagination Award in the Millennium Quilt Contest
in 2000. In July of 2010 she was inducted into the Quilter’s Hall of Fame in Indiana.


  • Artists must be a member of FRCQ in 2020 to enter this exhibit. (Membership is a
    separate fee from the exhibit entry fee. If you have not already renewed your
    membership (or joined) for 2020 you may renew via PayPal on the FRCQ website
    (http://www.artquilters.org/join-frcq or renew at the November FRCQ meeting.)
  • Entries must meet the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) definition for art quilt: “The art
    quilt is a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of
    stitched layered structure.”
  • Single, diptych, triptych, or other multiple-piece works, framed, mounted and three
    dimensional or wearable works may be submitted. Diptychs, triptychs and other
    multiple-piece works must be submitted as one entry.
  • The work must be original and the result of independent (solo or collaborative) effort. If
    work is the result of a collaboration (including the production, design or quilting process)
    it must be noted on the entry form and collaborators listed. Art that was begun, worked
    on or resulted from a workshop and that is in the style of the workshop teacher is not
    considered original and thus is not eligible for this exhibit.
  • All work must have been completed during the 2019 calendar year.
  • Work submitted may have been displayed in previous exhibits and need not be in your
    possession, since this is a web-based exhibit.
  • All communication for this exhibit is by e-mail, including notification of acceptance.
  • Artwork will not be sold by FRCQ as part of this exhibit.


  • Photos of entries will be submitted online. Since this is a web-based exhibit, the
    quality of the image is critical. Images that are not adequate for display on the
    website may be disqualified. Images must be in sharp focus.
  • The full image should be on a neutral background with all outside edges of the art quilt
  • Two-dimensional (2-D) entries should have two images: one overall image and one
    detail. Images should be labeled per instructions below.
  • Three-dimensional (3-D) entries should have three images: one overall image, one
    additional overall image and one detail. Images should be labeled per instructions
  • File format: JPEG or JPG only.
  • File dimensions: 1200 pixels or greater on the longest side. Anything larger than 1200
    px will be resized to fit the limitations.
  • File size: under 5 MB. Larger files will not upload to the online website.

How to Enter

  • There is a nonrefundable entry fee of $35.00.
  • Each member may enter three art quilts. Anyone submitting more than one art quilt
    should submit separate applications (at no extra cost) for each art quilt to allow the juror
    to consider multiple images of the same art quilt as one entry.
    CODE Entry2 and Entry3 to have no additional charge for the additional entries.
  • Entries will be accepted online via the link on the FRCQ Website between November 20
    and December 31, 2019. (Entries close at midnight CST). FRCQ has changed to the
    CaFE system for accepting entries. This system is used by arts organizations
    throughout the United States and Canada. Artists must register with CaFE in advance, click here. There is no cost for registering with CaFE. Once you have an account, you upload the images you intend to enter. These images will be saved in your portfolio on CaFE and will be available to submit to future exhibits in addition to this one. Once you’ve uploaded your images with the information below, you will be ready to apply to this exhibit.

Special instructions for uploading your images to your CaFE portfolio:

  • Artwork Title: Do not include your name in the JPG file names. Please name your
    artwork by its title, as follows:
    o Title, overall and Title, detail (for 2-D).
    o Title, view 1 overall, Title, view 2 overall and Title, detail (for 3-D).
  • Medium: (60 character limit).
  • Size (in inches): Height Width Depth, enter Depth as zero for 2-D work.
  • Price/Value.
  • Year completed: (must be 2019).
  • Primary discipline (selected from CaFE pull down menu).
  • Description (300 character limit). For this call for entry, use this space to include techniques, the quilter’s name here if not the artist, and the photographer’s name if the image was not photographed by the artist. For uploading your additional files for View 2 of 3-D work and your detail images, the “description” should be either “alternate view of title” or “detail view of title.”

Special instructions to apply to this exhibit:

  • The Artist’s Statement (1000 character limit) should introduce your art quilt to the juror. It
    can tell the juror where the idea for the art came from, how you developed it, and why
    you chose to make this artwork. (Googling “artist statement template” will give you some
  • If you are entering multiple works, you will need to make a separate application for each. Coupon codes Entry2 for the second work and Entry3 for the third work, will take off the $35 entry fee for the additional entries.


Entry fee of $35 can be paid by credit card through CaFE. You may also mail a check to:

  • Portfolio entry
    c/o Dorothy Raymond
    4093 Roaring Fork Dr
    Loveland, CO 80538-4848

Your entry application will not be considered complete until your payment is received.
Checks will take longer to confirm payment but will save FRCQ the processing fee.

Enter Here

For more information contact Dorothy Raymond at dorothy@dorothyraymond.com.