August 17, 2020

Susan Dillon




Fiber & mixed media artist Susan Dillon combines fabric, fibers, stitch and found objects into 2d & 3d pieces, as well as wearable art, examining the connection and interaction between emotion and the physical world.  It is the tactile nature of fiber that first drew Susan to the medium, and it allows her the “hands on” exploration she needs to create her pieces.  Most pieces start with a simple detail or even a phrase, then through manipulation of the materials, Susan allows the piece to evolve on its own.  Often the final piece is a surprise, even to Susan.  

Susan began working with fiber in 1999 (although she has identified as a “maker” all of her life), having discovered the world of art quilting due to a rained out hiking trip & her mother’s search for a restroom… it’s a long story. She has since explored quilting and fiber arts in two and three dimensions, with art dolls and sculptural assemblages.  Much of her work includes elements of the “feminine’ in her iconography; dresses, houses, nests & birds are all prominent in many of her pieces and series.

Susan is also exploring street art.   Under the name “su/q”, she is currently working on the ‘Life Cycles Project’, using installations of 3-D fabric sculptures of fungus, plants, flowers, seed pods, etc to explore the cycle of life growth & decay both in the urban environment and within the human experience.  These installations allow the viewer to change their perception of street art, both in medium and in size/scale (some of the individual pieces in an installation are a few inches across).  
Installations by su/q can be seen throughout Denver, and Susan was selected as a participant in CRUSH Walls 2018, and 2019.

Susan has her studio at GRACe in Denver, Co where she lives with her husband and furry “keeds”, and her work has been shown and collected nationally.






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