October 15, 2018 – Art and Narrative
As artists we’re always looking for inspiration. We explore nature, visit museums, and take classes looking for just the spark that will propel us toward our next artistic endeavor. Truth is, we don’t have to go very far at all because all the inspiration we need is in our stories. Our personal narratives are an endless source of inspiration. We’ll explore how narrative shapes our lives and our art. We’ll explore how our art tells stories we may never have told. Our narratives are living works of art that we can translate to the visual medium. Let’s explore narrative and co-create a new story!

Greg Katz, MS, MFT, PhD is a psychotherapist, visual anthropologist and textile artist bringing the three together in the world of Health Humanities. He presents lectures and exhibits his work at medical schools and health care institutions across the country. His focus on storytelling through visual art has been the focus in the health and healing arena.


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