Linda ColshShades of Gray
Linda Colsh,

May 16, 2011

The concepts of place and time figure significantly in the artwork of Linda Colsh.  Passing time, lives lived, experience earned show in the characters that people her art.  Using surface design on cloth and stitch, Linda portrays older women and men who capture her attention and set her mind and hands to work imagining their stories.  This lecture shows where she finds images and how she develops characters and surrounds them with imagined stories and scenarios in a manner that reflects her background as a writer and an artist.   Known for using a neutral palette, Linda talks about how living overseas colors her choice of subjects and how she draws on her American roots for the themes of her art. 

With a look into her studio (not a glamorous place, but a real working atelier), Linda will talk about her influences, process and why her art is what it is.  She will also present the work of other European artists for a glimpse into the unique creative environment of the Continent where she has worked for the past twenty years.

Known for her portrayals of the elderly, Linda Colsh captures images of women and men in the streets: anonymous people seen where and how she finds them, stripped of their context and reworked with new stories and imagined scenarios. An American residing in Everberg, Belgium, Linda Colsh draws on her wide-ranging experiences to create her art.  She has lived, exhibited and taught in America, Asia and Europe.  Her artwork has won top awards in major European and American exhibitions and is in publications and private, public and corporate collections around the world.