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FRCQ meets the third Monday of the month from January through November at the Westminster City Park Recreation Center from 7p-9p, 10455 Sheridan Blvd., Westminster, Colorado. FRCQ does not meet in December. FRCQ Meetings, showcase artists from around the country and locally who give a presentation of their work and talk about their history as an artist. Most of our speakers are nationally known, award winning fiber artists and they generously share their inspiration, knowledge and expertise with our members. Our meetings also have a spectacular show and tell where quilt artists can showcase their work.

Melody Randol – Japan!


When Melody Randol received a phone call from Charlotte Bird at Quilt Visions asking if she’d be willing to travel to Japan for a week and teach, Melody responded instantly.  “Of course!  I would love to go to Japan!”  Who wouldn’t?

Spend an evening with Melody as she shares her experiences teaching and traveling in Japan.  She’ll talk about the lovely quilters she met in the two workshops she taught in Tokyo, and show their amazing art quilts.  She’ll share images from her extended time in the Japanese Alps as well as photos and impressions of Kyoto—the cultural hub of Japan.  You will see a slice of Japan through the lens of a teacher, fiber artist, and outdoor enthusiast.

“I am drawn to the colors of a culture, each of which has its own favorite hues and combinations,” Melody states, “and taking lots of photos helps me see elements of design beyond color.”  In her photos you will see how line, shape, symmetry, repetition and rhythm govern design in Japan.  From the repeated lines in a Zen garden to the rhythmic arch of the red torii gates, Melody found an elegant simplicity she hopes to infuse in her art.

Travel is always transformative.  It will be interesting to see how time in Japan will inform and influence Melody’s work.

Melody Randol is a fiber artist with an eye for landscape art. Melody was presented the Quilts Japan Award for her work exhibited in Quilt Visions 2014, which resulted in a two-week trip to Japan in September 2015.  A long-standing member of Front Range Contemporary Quilters, Melody worked as Exhibit Chair for several years before serving as President of the FRCQ Board 2009-10.  Her work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in private and public art collections throughout the US. To see some of Melody’s work, please visit her website at